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More Customers

Gain clients by letting us handle aspects of your sales and marketing efforts.

Protected Information

We store your information online where it is accessible from anywhere and protected and safe against mishaps like losing your computer or phone.

Online Presence

We make sure people find you when they go looking for your services. We expose your business via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


We center you business around your Google calendar which provides you a single place to find everything you need.

Ease of use

The simplicity of our system frees up more of your valuable time.

Flexibile Schedule

Change your availability to suit your livestyle. Easily block off time when you want to take a vacation or tackle emergencies.

Available packages

First Month


When you sign up for the full year.


$39.99 / month *

$440 / year
  • automated booking
  • reminders and email notifications
  • business profile


$59.99 /month*

$660 / year
Includes the Basic Package plus...
  • access to VIP Program
  • create and manage your calendar
  • book of business reports
  • advertise your own products

* As an additional commitment to helping you make your business successful, you will not be charged for the months where you did not get, at least, two bookings.

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